Infernal Punishment 2013 Split W/ Detain

by Presence Of Fear

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released December 6, 2013



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Presence Of Fear Michigan

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Track Name: Verge Of Death Pt. 1
We're on the verge of death. World War 3, there's nothing left. Sit back and prop up your feet. Celebrities actions is all that you eat. This country makes me sick. Pain in my side, it's actions are killing us. So consumed in our own ways. No fucks given if it doesn't affect us. No care at all, you're caught in a daze. The government backs terrorists who eat soilders hearts. You see nothing wrong. Do you even care where we're headed? We're headed straight for hell. What will you do when your life is at stake, family on the floor everything they will take? They've come to collect. Our time has run out, we're the prey they are the hunters. Martial law is coming for us. Greed induced rage, we're the slaves. What will you do when there's nothing left. Resist, prepare, war!
Track Name: Verge Of Death Pt. 2
So go ahead and run. Run and hide like the coward you are. I'm still here screaming fuck you. Your life doesn't mean anything to me. You're a fake, a facade, a wolf in sheep's clothes. I have no one. You stole my breath, stole my heart. Now hate is all I feel is for the ones I love. I'm so damaged that there's no one to trust. All by myself. True hate. Fuck love. Lie and lie. Drop the fucking bomb upon your fucking head. Never let this hate die, for this is all I feel. A damaged man with nothing left to love. Trust is gone, tough fucking luck. So drop the bomb upon your heart. Like you did mine . Theres nothing left to say. I'll never find love. Born to lose, born to hate, I've dealt my fucking cards, fuck this life.  Every fucking day I wish that I was dead. Put this fucking 9mil to my fucking head... Squeeze.