Demonstration 2013

by Presence Of Fear

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released August 2, 2013

Recorded live by Joel Otte at Studiotte



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Presence Of Fear Michigan

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Track Name: America's Pastime
The streets are cold, numb and lifeless. All that once was is nonexistent. Every week, struggle for work - this week I work, the next unemployed – struggle to survive. Pay the bills, America’s pastime. 12 hour days for next to nothing pay. I have no home. Cold fucking embrace. There’s no money for us in this state of shit. We’re losing our health just to make ends meet. Factory to factory – mill to mill; slaves to the rich. We’re bread to fail.
Track Name: Forever The Neglected
As the days go by, I constantly look for a sign of something real, something tangible, something to feel. Standing on the edge of insanity and rationality; not knowing what to expect next. Staring in the eyes of a devil, he watches closely. Devil on my back, demons in my brain, how much more of this shit can I contain? Do you know what it’s like to feel true hate? These evil fucking forces have sealed my fate. Wake up in the night in a cold fucking sweat, you’re all I fucking have and there’s nothing fucking left. Self-inflicted – my mind’s a mess. Unstable, my body’s in distress.
Track Name: Smoke And Mirrors
On the precipice of the end of time. Born to die; nowhere to hide. My time has expired. Born to lose; people tired. Keep the machine clean – well and oiled, bodies toiled. Do what you’re told. Drones in the sky and you don’t even ask why. Phones tapped, computers hacked, my mind and body are under attack. The threat is real, the threat is alive, open your eyes, you’re the answer. Smoke and mirrors, the world is torn – so stuff your face and listen to lies. Warheads ready, the mission’s carried out. We are all the target so get ready for hell.
Track Name: Hatred Within
Anxiety rises and I know what I have to do. This ends tonight. You’re finished, you’re fucking through. You just fucked with the wrong motherfucker. I’m taking you out, so say your prayers motherfucker. Square up to me, I want to see your best. You don’t have shit you fucking soft ass bitch. You’re just like all the other fruits. You’re in debt, so now pay up. Spilling your blood – only on my mind. No love for the weak and the likes of you (you’re through). Look over your shoulder and watch your back. You’re cursed now bitch, it’s just like that. The decline of you.
Track Name: Sworn In
Police state, army in blue. Who’s the target? It’s me and you. Locked and loaded, egos upheld – gaining information for their fusion centers. Exploit the masses; label us terrorists, anything goes to see their plan is carried out. The air is polluted, the media distorted. Secrecy hidden behind a suit and tie. No one is safe, it’s just a matter of time – FEMA camps ready, you’re all gonna die. Population control on a wide scale; germ labs developing our fate. Take a look around, because we failed. We’re slaves, we’re cattle to the work they create. My family is starving to make ends meet. A company fails and gets a bailout. Elected officials, they want us dead. More land for them, their plan is sacred – control the masses. Citizens hide when they see their badges. Living in a state of fear; a state of deceit. Our natural resources becoming depleted. It’s time to wake up and it’s time we said something.